Here you can find a selection of work that SineWave has performed for its customers:

2019 - Integration of new control devices

Integration of several IGBT gate drives into an existing Simulink control software according to specification. Subsequent testing of the communication interface in the laboratory.

This includes:

  • Optimization of existing software to reduce CPU load
  • Implementation of the interface between main controller and gate drives
  • Integration tests in the laboratory together with the customer

Customer: EPFL, Power Electronics Laboratory PEL, Lausanne

● ● ●

2018-2024 - Collaboration in the projects LCI and PCS6000 Wind

  • Implementation of new software functions in Simulink and Compact Control Builder
  • Improvement of software architecture / Various code optimizations
  • Manual integration tests and automatic release tests on a HIL
  • Preparation of release packages, test reports and documentation

Customer: ABB Schweiz AG, MV Drives, Turgi

● ● ●

2017 - Code review and extension of existing software

  • Review of existing Simulink models and libraries
  • Implementation and testing of additional functions in Simulink

Customer: Swiss Hydrogen SA, Fribourg

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2016/2017 - Dynamic-Link Library from converter software Datteln

Creating a DLL from the control software of the static frequency converter Datteln and subsequent testing using a Simscape model and an analog simulator. Help with the integration of the DLL into a higher-level simulation environment.

This includes:

  • Adaptations and extensions to existing Simulink model
  • Generation of the DLL with the Embedded Coder Toolbox
  • Validation tests between the DLL and an analog simulator

Customers: ABB Schweiz AG, Turgi / DB Energie GmbH, Frankfurt a. M.
In collaboration with emkamatik GmbH and TU Dresden