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SineWave GmbH

SineWave GmbH has specialized in software engineering and consulting for technical applications. The company's strengths lie in programming with Matlab/Simulink and in the know-how of ABB's AC 800PEC control platform.

With more than ten years of experience in programming, simulation and data analysis, SineWave GmbH supports you also during the concept phase and helps you with code reviews and trouble­shooting.

SineWave GmbH - Your expert in Matlab/Simulink and the AC 800PEC control platform

Software Engineering

Thanks to many years of experience in dealing with large Simulink models and industrial applications, SineWave offers you the following services in the area of Software Engineering:

Matlab and Simulink

  • Writing of Matlab m-scripts. For example, for data analysis and calculations, or to perform automated operations.
  • Model-based design in Simulink. Simulations, generation and execution of C-code in real-time environments.
  • Creation of dynamic-link libraries (DLL) and stand-alone applications (EXE) to protect intellectual property.
  • Code optimizations / Performance optimizations.
  • Unit testing and documentation of Simulink models.

AC 800PEC Control Platform

  • PLC-programming according to the IEC 61131-3 standard.


Whether you are a Matlab/Simulink expert or have never worked with it, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion. SineWave offers you the following Consulting services:

Matlab and Simulink

  • Introduction to the world of Matlab and Simulink. What are they, what can you do with them?
  • Concept for the modular structure of a Simulink model with reusable components and clearly defined interfaces.
  • Help with the subdivision of a Simulink model into components and library blocks that functionally belong together.
  • Decision-making assistance when selecting the appropriate implemen­tation method (e.g. Stateflow, Logic Blocks, Embedded Matlab Script).
  • Design guidelines (Do's and Dont's) for creating a clean, efficient and high-quality Simulink model.
  • Code reviews and troubleshooting for existing Simulink models.